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Rosary Cases
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Wire-Wrapped Rosaries

The pictures below show samples of our wire-wrapped rosaries. Wire-wrapping is a method, where the wire linking beads is also wrapped around both ends of each bead, securing the beads strongly from falling apart. It gives more space between beads, hence the rosary is generally longer than a similar rosary linked by the loop-to-loop method.

You can view larger images by clicking on the pictures. Parts and links are gold-electroplated or Sterling Silver. Crucifixes and centerpieces and links are also available in silver-finish.

R2HM5D: Wire-wrapped 6-mm Hematite Rosary with 6-mm Black Diamond Swarovski Crystal Our Father Beads

Image of Rosary R2HM5D

Crucifix: SS972
Centerpiece: SS051
Links: Sterling Silver, wire-wrapped
Length: 22"

Price: $197.50    Qty:

R2HM5W: Wire-wrapped 5-mm Hematite Rosary with Sterling Silver Parts

Image of Rosary R2HM5W

Crucifix: SS961
Centerpiece: SS069
Links: Sterling Silver, wire-wrapped
Length: 20"

Price: $158.26    Qty:

R1RU7W: Wire-wrapped 8-mm Ruby Swarovski Crystal Rosary with Gold-filled Parts

Image of Rosary R1RU7W

Crucifix: GE973
Centerpiece: GE078
Links: Gold-filled, wire-wrapped
Length: 27"

Price: $308.46    Qty:


Updated on April 22, 2015

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